There are a number of important things you can do to make your CV stand out from a crowd and ensure you have the best possible chance of securing a job offshore. Who ever is reading your CV is judging on the basis of what you have written, the structure of your CV and your experience


There is key information which should always be in your CV, no matter what job you are applying for. This information should be short and to the point. Many applicants write long introductions which only repeats what .... but most importantly be relevant to what you are applying for. In the CV heading you should write your general information:


Full Name
Position offshore
Home address
E-mail address
Home Phone number
Mobile Phone Number

(If you are applying for a position were the recruiters are in a different country to the one you live in, please remember to include your international dialling codes as many recruiters may not have the time to look it up.)




You can have an introduction to your CV if you wish but it is not always necessary. If you would like to have a short brief, place it after your personal details and before you certification. You can include a short description about your skills and what position you would like to take up offshore. Keep it short, relevant and to the point. 




The next part of your CV should be dedicated to your offshore qualifications and certification. Only list the qualifications and certs which are relevant to the offshore industry. It is also extremely useful to list when each certificate is valid from and when it will expire. This gives a quick and easy way for recruiters to scan over your qualifications.
An example for a Rigger or Deck Foreman is as follows:


Offshore Medical cert (UKOOA)
OPITO approved Universal Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training (including EBS)
Minimum Industry Safety Training (MIST)
OPITO approved Banksman and Slinging Operations (Falck Nutec, Aberdeen)
OPITO approved Rigging and Lifting Operations (Falck Nutec, Aberdeen)
Additional Safety Training for the Norwegian sector agreed by OLF, NSOC – D, NOGEPA and OPITO

Valid from: 12/1/2010 to 12/1/2013
Valid from: 3/4/2009 to 3/4/2012
Valid From: 5/6/2012 to 5/6/2015
Valid from:  15/7/2010 to 15/7/2014


Do not list out of date or invalid certificates as this will only lead to confusion for the recruiter and your CV will often be discarded. 




The work summary section of your CV should include your work experience to date. You should keep each section brief and to the point, do not go into lengthy descriptions of your experience. You should ensure you include the following information:


where your work took place, e.g. the vessel or platform name (type of vessel is applicable, eg DSV),
what position you held,
the start date and end date of the job,
a brief description of the work you carried out.


If you include these points and keep your description brief but informative for each position, your CV will be easy to read and will state all the key information recruiters are looking for. Again, an example for a Rigger would be as follows:


April 2007- July 2010
Well-ops / helix Rigging Foreman/Deck supervisor


Working as deck foreman/supervisor in the North sea, UK and Norwegian sector. My duties included: pipe-laying, matting, valve instalment and removal, well abandonment’s, well-commissioning, spool laying and lots of various construction and heavy lifting operations.


If you have vast amounts of offshore experience, you don’t need to list every single position that you have had from day one. You could maybe limit it to the last 10 years as this will help keep it concise and relevant. You might find what you did at the start of your career is no longer applicable.  If the company is interested in your CV they can always ask for the rest of your experience.


At the end of your CV you can include any other general information you would like to include, this can information about your education and any hobbies you enjoy. Again keep it short, brief and easy to read


This guide will help you produce a strong CV which has a good structure and relevant content. It will be easy to read and help show you off in the best possible light.    





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