If you already have experience in the Oil and Gas industry or you are looking for your first break offshore, Renewable Energy is a fast paced industry that is continually growing and now become a viable source of alternative energy.  Renewables and especially offshore wind is the future of the energy industry and this is proven by the rapid growth it has recently experienced. Due to this growth, there is a strong demand for both experienced and entry level personnel in the Offshore Renewables Market.


There are a number of different methods or routes you can take to gain employment  into Offshore Renewables. As per any job, where you start is dependant on your education level and your experience.  If you have experience or skills in other industries, these can often be transferred and applied in the Renewables market and will often give you a great leg up when first starting out.


Having a graduate or post graduate degree in Engineering, Technology or any other technical subjects will also set you in good stead for employment in this industry. Businesses whom operate within this market place are continually developing new relationships with Universities to try and give employment opportunities to newly qualified graduates. This route is often the cheapest and most effective as the companies will sponsor you through your course and there is guaranteed work at the end which is often hard to find.


You don’t have to have a degree to get started offshore. If you have just left school but have obtained some GCSEs or standard grades you could enter on an apprenticeship scheme and be given the opportunity to gain NVQs, while learning and developing a skilled trade which can be applied to the industry.  An apprenticeship scheme normally lasts for around 3 years and at the end of that time you will have a trade, a qualification and a career in a sector which is experiencing continual growth and development regardless of any economic downturn.


Finally, personnel whom have already established a career offshore but are looking  for a new challenge or something a little bit different have the greatest opportunities in renewables open to them. Many skills and qualifications are transferrable to the renewable market and often you don’t need any extra certification. Positions in Renewables such as rigging, Diving, ROV pilot and many others are all very similar to those required in the oil and gas market. The skills you have learnt in your current position will more than likely apply in the Renewables Market and will give you an alternative job opportunity should you so wish.


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